Embrace Foundation is a non-profit, educational  
foundation set up to create better understanding  
between people of different religions, cultures,  
traditions and world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring leaders and  
scholars of world-wide religions, cultures and  
philosophies together by sponsoring forums,  
seminars, lectures and developing an international  
exchange program. Embrace Foundation is  
particularly concerned with reaching the world  
public through the media.
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Spiritual Practices
The Embrace Foundation Gallery of Sacred  
Places is website of sacred locations,  
architecture and pilgrimage places around the  
world. All people are welcomed to download from  
a computer with a color printer and make copies  
of any photo or photos special to them.This  
gallery which is also a registry is a means of  
keeping a record of locations that humanity finds  
inspiring and precious.
Embrace Sacred Places.Org

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Embrace Foundation is an all volunteer organization. All contributions go directly to programs. We greatly appreciate your support. Embrace Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be emailed to you. Please click on the Pay Pal link to Donate. Thank you !
Embrace encourages all who can do so, to learn  
about other traditions and cultures by traveling as  
“Grassroots Diplomats.” We hope that people  
every where become life long students of our  
world-wide humanity.

“ In every man there is something wherein I may  
learn of him, and in that I am his pupil.”

Travel As An Interfaith Act
Great Visions Television Shows
Great Visions - TV
A Practice of Renewed Hope For All People

The following is a group practice that can be done by any religion, spiritual tradition or secular group.  We guarantee it will lift the spirits of any person participating in it.  The people involved have to stay on track and not turn the gathering into a gossip session.

There should be a limited period of time, when the talking is over, after perhaps having a cup of tea or coffee, everyone goes home.


Any group of people can sit in an informal circle in any manner that each person is free to choose. Some people sitting in a living room may sit cross legged on the floor, some may sit in chairs or on a sofa etc… whatever is comfortable.  Also, we have seen sessions where everyone sits in a circle in straight backed chairs and gatherings where everyone sits in a circle on the floor cross-legged.

The talk is usually conducted concerning the time period between meetings, which can be weekly, monthly or longer. However, many people will find that one person’s event touches on a memory of a similar event that happened to a member of the group long ago.  Not every person will have an incident to report.  There is one person that keeps the conversation moving so that no one who wants to share an experience is left out.  The telling of the event, is just the telling of the event, no discussion as to other aspects of the event or the person telling the event. This is not a group counseling or psychology session, leave that to the psychologists and therapists.

The first person that has something remarkable to report, tells the others of a synchronistic or miraculous event that has happened to them. Then others who have something to share along the same lines speak.


For example one women shares: that she was incredibly tired because she had an especially badly behaved young daughter for a couple of days. She wearily thought; “Why can’t I have a sweet daughter that brings me flowers every now and then.” Surprise! - The little trouble making daughter walks in the kitchen door with a handful of wildflowers (& weeds!) she picked by the road and gives them to her Mother.

Another person who was struck with sorrow, states that they couldn’t stop crying and that their cat sat on their lap, put their paws on their shoulders and licked the tears off their face.

A man who had just lost his job was in turmoil wondering how he would pay next months mortgage and finds a check in the mail next day for an amount that will cover 3 months of his mortgage.

One thing that happens frequently to many people is that at a time when they are thinking about a particular aspect of an issue, as soon as they go into a website or turn on the television, someone has written or speaks about the exact same aspect of the issue they were thinking about.

Another thing that happens frequently, is when someone is looking for an answer to a problem. They happen to speak to a stranger who gives them the exact answer they were looking for.

Our world is filled with miracles. Of course, the beauty of nature is quite obvious but often with our worries we don’t even acknowledge the grandness of nature.

One last unusual manner to lift one’s spirits is to catch up on some of the miracles that scientists are addressing - such as deconstructing nuclear waste, creating bionic limbs for children and adults who have lost a part of their physical body, even working on ways of helping the blind see.

Scientists create miracles too and some of their work can really make you feel a lot better about humankind and the world we live in.

SEE: https://www.sciencedaily.com/

For Being Reminded of Miracles, we begin by suggesting the following books:

All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten - Robert Fulghum
(&  His Other Books)

Invisible Acts of Power - Personal Choices That Create Miracles - Caroline Myss edited

(All Northern Irish Please Read)

Random Acts of Kindness (The Original) - The Editors of Conari Press, Dawna Markova  (& Follow-up Books of Random Acts of Kindness )